• katz06

the pic

what's going on with that.
it's cool.
but 4 r time.
the hair, and cloths.
1 word... wooooooooooooo

i want to be on the show.
i do i do i do oo.

i want to meet a few people
starting with sean and ending with sean.

he's so cute.
*turns red*
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    singing seans
caleb :: bitch i'm fab

(no subject)

*Screams* I am trying to get this RPG back up and running, but I can't seem to figure it out. Would anyone like to A. help me out or B. take the community over?

I have the names of everyone who replied to my character post and all that jazz. I just...can't seem to handle this!

Please help!

Your dearly beloved mod
caleb :: bitch i'm fab

(no subject)

I completely understand what you guys are saying. It was a spur of the moment choice, and a wrong one. If you were a participating character before I erased everyone, please comment with your LJ name and your character's LJ name. ONLY PEOPLE WHO REPLY TO THIS POST WILL GET THEIR CHARACTERS BACK! As for everyone who has been requesting to be characters: once I figure out the old characters, I'll let everyone know what is avaliable.

Sorry for the bad judgement call, everyone.