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If your life were a TV show... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[06 Nov 2005|10:49pm]

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1 whatever it takes

[05 Jul 2005|03:41pm]

[ mood | bored ]

OK wow we really need to have new role playing up already guys. I'm thinking of writing a role play story about the characters in general and posting it, in other words a basic short story. I just thought I'd tell anyone that is lurking so they know I'm not stealing their characters I'm just writing a short story and I want real feedback. If I post it in *my* livejournal my friends will either ignore it (thus either way making me think its horrible) or I'll get fake feedback whereas I know most of you will actually tell me if you think it sucks and what I could do to make it better or if its ok enough. I'll post it in a bit. Tootles

it takes

[29 Nov 2004|05:14pm]
okay so i'm a member of like every degrassi community and everyone is saying they download the episodes ahead of time---where do you get them from? i want them so bad i'd take as many as i can get-if any of you upload them to sites or anything please tell me the link

if not

can you just tell me the program you use? or be nice enough to email it to me or im it to me on aim? if you comment ill contact you so you can give it to me if you want
but i dont expect anyone to do that--the name of the program would be nice
okay thanks!
2 whatever it takes

[20 Aug 2004|03:40pm]

Can I play Ashley?
it takes

[20 Aug 2004|01:10am]

Ummm, can I be Ellie..?
it takes

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